Welcome to the NE Communities Bike Walk

Planning and improving our communities to ensure people of all ages and abilities can safely walk and bike is a proven common denominator for solving many of the different personal and economic challenges we face as individuals and communities.

Human beings have a built-in desire, a need, to move under our own power to go places. We anticipate and look forward to meeting someone along the street. We smile as we talk with one another face-to-face as life goes on around us.

Do you (or other family members) like to walk or bike but because you do not feel safe, or because of poor winter maintenance, you go out less often or do not go as far as you would like? If you believe safe walking and biking facilities for people of all ages and abilities should be embedded in the White Bear Lake area’s DNA for decision-making about transportation infrastructure then fill out the form below to learn more or get involved.

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NE Communities Bike Walk is a fledgling volunteer organization* acting as a grassroots catalyst to bring people together to make informed decisions on the importance of evolving more livable communities in the White Bear Lake area.
(*we have not decided if we want to take on non-profit status)